Pilates Reformer Classes

The Reformer is a bed-like apparatus that facilitates a seemingly unlimited number of exercises. The design gives the user the advantage of training specific muscles with ease, stretching and lengthening while strength training the body’s core to improve appearance, balance and flexibility. It’s done through the use of a carriage with wheels gliding on a frame. There are springs connected to the carriage to offer varying amounts of resistance. Additionally straps, ropes, a foot bar and various accessories such as balls, weights, a magic circle, a box, and the tower add to positive outcomes. Clients can also use a jumpboard to mimic a trampoline and improve cardio. Use of a reformer can be as challenging as a user would like. Beginner or Advanced, it’s effective and it’s fun!

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Intermediate/Advanced: Our Level 1-2 classes are designed for those with some Reformer experience but can normally be done at any level of experience. The exercise selections will include some of the more intermediate level exercises so a strong base of experience is required to ensure success. Level 1-2 requires you to build on core awareness & strength, while integrating a more fluid pace, centering & spinal alignment. Use of small props as well as the Tower may also be included.


Intermediate/Advanced: Our Jumpboard classes are taught in an interval training format utilizing the Jumpboard to include cardiovascular training segments. Class will alternate between jumps on the Jumpboard & Reformer based Pilates exercises. Participants must have some Pilates Reformer experience to ensure success. Class is quick paced, energizing & fun!