Healthier Lifestyle: all it takes is a first step 31/08/2017


Healthier lifestyle: all it takes is a first step

August 30, 2017

Sabrina Powell

This past weekend I’ve received so much love from my clients that I’m filled with gratitude, so I wanted to share it with you all.

 And this time, love came in the form of pictures.

Without me asking, I’ve received pictures of fruits that one of my newest clients bought at farmer’s market, of a bunch of healthy products that I recommended, of a trip to a healthy goods store, of granola bowls with plain yogurt drizzled with molasses and of a delicious looking chocolate cake made with pure cacao, oats and coconut oil.

How proud am I? Very proud!






 I believe in changes that come from the inside.

I can give you all kinds of tips, suggestions, adapt your meal plan, create an exercise strategy, rearrange your routine and tell you what to do. But if you’re not ready, you won’t move a finger. You need to commit, not just with me or another coach, or whatever plan you’re following.

You need to commit to yourself.

Everybody needs a start. And once you start and give that wheel the first spin, it will keep rolling on its own, I promise you.

And if you are already healthier than you used to be, remember that you can always improve your health, your performance, your energy levels.

No matter at what level you are, you can always get healthier. I remember when I switched from Mc Donald’s sandwiches to wraps, and that was already a considerable change back in the day. That was so long ago and since then I’ve made so many adaptions to my eating/exercising/self-care habits that you wouldn’t believe it.

That’s why I’m proud of myself and my clients.

And you should be proud of yourself too. Or for a starter, find someone that will cheer for you when you make small changes for your wellbeing. Find your support system that will celebrate every little step you take towards your healthier lifestyle.

It is in fact, all about baby steps – you can’t go from having an unhealthy diet (read: cookies, processed food, soda, fast food…) to a plant based diet for example. That would be unrealistic. Set up small goals, take your time and enjoy the ride.

I’ll be waiting for you at the finish line.

But I’ll also be cheering you on and handing you water bottles throughout the way.

Sending gratitude and wishing you all an abundance of motivation, health and wellness,

 Sabrina Powell

Founder of Movimento Wellness,

Health & Wellness Coach and Pilates Instructor



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