Hali’s Spinning Fitness Tip 14/06/2016


Hali’s Spinning Fitness Tip

Here are some important things to know when you join us for spin/cycle class:
Bring your water bottle and a towel and be prepared to sweat! Spin class can torch
about 7.2 to 12.6 calories per minute. It is a high energy, low impact workout
which helps improve cardiovascular health, burn lots calories and builds strength.
Spin class is great for people of all fitness levels.
Its important to go at your own pace and control the resistance to challenge yourself
without overdoing it.
It’s a great addition to your workout routine.
It is very important to stay hydrated.
Hydration plays an important role in your workout and recovery whether you are taking
a spin class, TRX, or doing Pilates .

Check out these fun recipes for healthy homemade sports drinks.

Looking forward to seeing you in spin class!