Fort Lauderdale Pilates Reformer Classes

At Body Couture we use state-of-the-art Pilates Reformer equipment to maximize your workout, not just Pilates mats. The Body Couture Pilates method re-designs and tones your body by stretching and strengthening muscles without adding bulk. Your body will totally and noticeably be transform from the inside out. Posture will improve so you stand taller and more confidently; abdominal muscles will flatten and the back will strengthen but stay flexible. Arms and legs will become leaner; and buttocks will lift up, become firmer and perkier. Your energy level will dramatically increase and people around you will notice a flattering difference in your overall appearance (be ready for comments and questions). With consistent practice, chronic back pain and other debilitating physical issues improve as your range of motion, core body strength and mobility improves.