SPIN for CHARITY 15/07/2016


We’ll be holding a Spin-A-Thon starting at 9:30 am on Saturday July 23rd. The Class is FREE but a minimum of a $20 donation is required.

THE SMART RIDE is a 2 Day, 165-Mile Ride from Miami to Key West. Riders need to raise $1250.00 to enter and this is where we come in!

Join us for a morning of fun, raffles, giveaways and of course a calorie shedding spin session! All money raised will go directly to the Bike America Smart Ride Fund

Hali’s Spinning Fitness Tip 14/06/2016


Hali’s Spinning Fitness Tip

Here are some important things to know when you join us for spin/cycle class:
Bring your water bottle and a towel and be prepared to sweat! Spin class can torch
about 7.2 to 12.6 calories per minute. It is a high energy, low impact workout
which helps improve cardiovascular health, burn lots calories and builds strength.
Spin class is great for people of all fitness levels.
Its important to go at your own pace and control the resistance to challenge yourself
without overdoing it.
It’s a great addition to your workout routine.
It is very important to stay hydrated.
Hydration plays an important role in your workout and recovery whether you are taking
a spin class, TRX, or doing Pilates .

Check out these fun recipes for healthy homemade sports drinks.

Looking forward to seeing you in spin class!

Gyrokinesis comes to Body Couture 06/06/2016

Gyrokinesis works the joints and muscles through several natural spinal movements: bending forward and backwards, twisting from side to side, bending side to side and a circular motion. The movements are fluid and postures aren’t held for very long periods of time. Instead, postures are connected through the use of breathing and gentle fluid moves. This method also stimulates the nervous system, increases mobility, flexibility and balance; and prepares the body for more complex movements with agility and ease.
Classes begin on small padded stools, continue with exercises performed on the floor, and finish with standing balance exercises.

The classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. The Gyrokinesis method is practiced by people from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes, dancers, baby boomers and senior citizens.

Classes starting this Thursday at 9:30am.
Space is limited! Book online now.

Gyrokinesis 2

Heart rate talk with Gabriel 18/05/2016

 Ever wonder how to properly get to your target heart zone to maximize and get the BEST benefit from your cardio workout?
Here’s your answer:
The Karvonen Formula 
The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps 
you determine your target heart rate (HR) training zone:
Target Heart Rate = (max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR
Much easier, click on the link below
(You only need your age and resting heart rate)
How to get your resting HR?
For 3 days in a row as soon as you wake up
count your heart beats for 1 minute or count your heart beats for
10 seconds multiply by 6 and get an average of your 3 days.
Example for me:
I, Gabriel am 42 years of age and my resting heart is 52.
So for me personally I keep my heart rate between
134 to 140 beats per minute which is the blue section of 
the chart above because I have no intention of competing 
in anything but I do want to focus on burning 
FAT CALORIES when I do my cardio workout! 
The important question to ask yourself now,
What are your goals?
Review the colors in the chart and use the formula or click the link above and figure out what
The American Heart Association (AHA) 
Recommends 5 days a week 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise activity a week.
AHA link below

A message from Carmen 17/05/2016

Treat Fitness like an Appointment
The biggest obstacle you will come up against is excuses and procrastination. If you can provide as many reminders as possible for yourself, you are more likely to keep to your commitment.
Treating fitness like an appointment gives it a sense of importance. Set a reminder on your smartphone and commit to it. If you have someone or something reminding you to do something every day, you are more likely to do it. You may even want to start a fitness program with someone else!
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What is TRX Suspension Training? 10/02/2014

TRX Suspension Training | Born in the AMERICAN NAVY SEALS

In wharf side warehouses, urban safe houses, on ships and submarines, Randy Hetrick, founder of TRX, and his Navy SEAL teammates needed a way to stay in peak condition. But the circumstances of these missions often found the SEALs without traditional fitness equipment and with very limited training space. TRX Suspension Trainer evolved as an answer.

The TRX started as a a few lengths of parachute webbing hand-stitched together with rubber boat repair tools. In the weeks and months following of the TRX, Hetrick and his SEAL teammates rapidly developed a growing array of bodyweight exercises specifically designed for this unique training harness. A new and original approach to functional exercise would emerge: Suspension Training.

Suspension Training exercises are easy to follow yet challenging. Suspension Training builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once all the time, as is required on the playing fields of sports and in regular everyday life. TRX is a versatile and effective training solution, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Make TRX Suspension Training a part of your regimen and you will see your body and fitness abilities reach new heights.

Our American Navy Seals go through a rigorous and vigorous training to become the very best of our armed forces. They are trusted to do the unimaginable to keep us all safe. Thanks to their knowledge of creating TRX, we now can train and do exercises that can help us achieve a stronger and healthier lifestyle .

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What is Booty Barre? 07/02/2014

This sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga will tone, define and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t even need any dance experience, and you certainly don’t need a partner! The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, with added cardio to burn fat fast. Barre workouts have also become a popular choice with many celebrities.

Booty Barre® was conceived and developed by celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert Tracey Mallett, a former professional dancer, fitness presenter and master Pilates Instructor. Tracey is a regular contributor to leading health and fitness magazines worldwide and regularly appears on TV in the USA